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How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Contractors

office cleaning There is indeed a strong relevance between work productivity with that of the cleanliness of the job or office environment. According to a study conducted by the US Center for Facilities Research, a lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction while good learning and workable environments are created by focusing on having orderly cleanliness.

Also in a study spearheaded by HLW International LLP, in a study conducted with 400 managers and employees, productivity levels were dependent and are influenced by the cleanliness of the office where they do most of their work in. Office cleaning generates quantifiable results when it talks about employee productivity.

The institution reported a 5% increase in productivity gain which equates to $125,000 in a 100-employee profiled office with average earnings of $25,000.

In support of this mind set of a poor work environment means poor employee output and vice versa, many companies and offices place due amount of consideration in the cleanliness of the work environment as this is also the first thing customers, clients and employees tend to notice.

Many commercial or business cleaning services are contracted to zoom in services ranging from office and contract cleaning, event and window servicing, carpet and kitchen dusting, end of lease and ventilation cleaning etc. Each of the contractors works with independent companies through to national chains.

These include offices, retail premises, buildings, public areas, medical facilities, educational institutions, gymnasiums, hotels, churches, restaurants, bars and small to large scale factories.

As an account manager or company owner weaves through the piles of proposals from different professional commercial cleaners, the default response or action that one does is to filter these most probably on how much the cost will be.

When it comes to forking out the best commercial cleaning contract, cost will be a big factor for the decision making. However, cost is not the only thing that one should consider.

The following will be a list of other factors that a company or a business establishment should consider:

  • Reviewing company needs

    • Every office cleaning requirements will be unique to the premises and organization. The cleaning contractor that one will employ should be able to diagnose and carry out a detailed assessment of the organization’s needs and the estimators must accurately price the tasks to ensure value for money and that high standards are being met. Select a service provider who can cover all range of services that one requires from window cleaning to specialist hard floor cleaning.
  • Checking cleaning contracts nearby

    • cleaning service contractMake sure to visit and inspect the cleanliness of the site and branches within the area and coordinate with the facilities manager to get straight and honest insights. It is also important to have these sites close to your main office so that immediate actions or responses will be applied and deployed in times of need. The contractors would be able to be there quickly and one can be confident at all times. A dedicated account manager will also be readily available to oversee all processes and queries or any issues can be raised and actioned upon in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Reviewing researches and testimonials

    • Before committing to any new service providers, a company should be able to know if they are trustworthy and a reliable organization. Ask for client testimonials and check out the portfolio of clients to ensure whether the expectations are consistently met and measure the customer satisfaction. Other than the quality of the service, one would also be able to gauge and verify the contractors’ legal credentials, insurance, certifications and accreditations to operate.
  • Scouting the service providers’ staff and crew

    • The staff on the ground in the premises will serve as the face of the organization and each one of them should not only be trained to the highest standard but also act in a professional and business-like manner. A polite, honest and friendly workforce is an indication of a solid management and culture of the organization they belong to.
  • Measuring the flexibility and reliability

    • It is important that the cleaning providers would be able to work when you need them even if it is early mornings or evening shifts. They must harmoniously fit in the organization’s work schedules. This is to ensure a smooth running of the business and the details of the work should also be indicated in the contract provided by the account manager.
  • Verifying the environmental initiatives in place

    • Cleaning can be a very wasteful and environmentally harmful task if done with no proper consideration. A very important factor that a company or business establishment should consider will be the initiatives they have to protect the environment and reduce waste. Choose an office cleaning contractor who has the passion to of cleaning while protecting the environment and the health of its clients. The organization should make use of the best eco-friendly; green products available so that one can be assured that there will be no trace of any toxic chemicals or hazard pollutants in the office premises.

Eco-cleaning is best for both home and commercial environment. Balancing between getting the right skilled, competent and thorough cleaning contractor with that of using eco-friendly products are the key principles of Green Ladies Cleaning Services.

Green Ladies Cleaning Services uses certified ecologically-responsible cleaning materials on everything as they carry out each task with genuine love and enthusiasm. Clean environment, clean Earth serves as their battle cry.

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